News - First Sunday's in The Valley

Visit The Valley every first Sunday of the month to tantalise your creative side, from 10am to 3pm.

The Valley is a community of art studios, galleries and art related projects on the East side of the Inner City; New Doornfontein, Troyeville, Bertrams and Lorentzville.

You will find a collective of creative businesses including Spaza Art Gallery, Ellis House Art Building Johannesburg- Artists' Studios, piece, ROOM, Dead Bunny Society, Art Eye Gallery, TwilSharp Studios , Victoria Yards, The House Of Marvels , Keleketla! Library, The Tennis Club and The Coloured Cube.

Places to eat: 4th & Voorhout : Cafe Art Venue, Treviso Cafe, The Bakery & The Troyeville Hotel

See the map HERE