News - Shothole Borer threatens Joburg trees

Joburg trees are currently facing a huge threat from an invasive beetle, the Shothole Borer.
The Johannesburg Urban Forest Alliance and Joburg Parks have set up a working group to monitor the spread of Shothole Borer and manage research efforts.

If you identify any of the Please send photographs of symptoms, GPS coordinates or a street address, tree species and your contact details to
Signs of Infestation
Different trees may react differently;
  • wilted or missing leaves
  • dead or dying branches
  • tiny randomly spaced holes in the bark (the size of a pen tip)
  • these holes may have staining around them
  • or rings of white powder (known as sugar volcanos)
  • or gummy like blobs oozing out of the holes.

In the press:
2018_02 A tiny beetle and it’s deadly fungus is threatening South Africa’s trees.